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What is CRO?

CRO means Conversion rate optimization. It is a method of optimizing any website or the landing page such that there is increase in the probability of the traffic visiting the site getting converted to actual prospect or client. “Convert” is the above statement and in the further discussion will mean getting potential leads out of the CTR (Click through rate), the convert can be anything ranging from an App download or a product sales extending upto email collection from Subscriptions method. So, CRO is a vital link to increase the actual prospect.

Why CRO is important?

CRO is necessary because it gives the actual productive traffic to any company or service. Say, any site is getting a bulk of traffic by PPC ad. but the landing page is not optimised in such a way that it converts to actual prospect, then that will deteriorate the company's income. Excellent conversion rate can be achieved by improving the user's experience of the page, with relevant information and guidance to transform visitors into clients.

Increase your cart value
Best practices followed by various companies for good result of CRO.
  • A/B testing.
  • Online survey.
  • Customer Review analysis.

Three most powerful methods to improve CRO

Check below

Method 1

Give customers free signup in order to collect  email for newsletter. Once the customer has subscribed then periodically update product or services through opt-in campaigns using Email Marketing. This will definetly improve the conversion of the prospective leads into a buying customer. 

Method 2

Provide free PDF to download for the contents or the documents the visitors have searched. First meet the demand of the customer then only a loyal audience could be created. Follow the tagline ” You should be present where your customers are “. This will automatically improve the cart value and hence increase in revenue.

Method 3

Blogs are one of the better way for conversion. This process involves adding call-to-action (CTA) throughout the content, inviting readers to learn more about any sub-content by subscribing through emails in exchange of the e-book or PDF or reports. This is similar to first method but with a different platform.


Are you wondering when to use CRO exactly for any business??

Here is the answer for your query. When your website has a handful of traffic and there is substantial visitors then CRO is more relevant for it. It means that “CRO follows after SEO” which sends the visitor to the landing page and then CRO can be cunningly used to get higher percentage of conversion. Thus ultimately increasing the net revenue of the organisation.

Hope this article was helpful.

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